Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Hayeti, you gotta roll the hips and control the dips!"

I've had a very happy two days. :)

Yesterday I finally decided to move myself to the middle of nowhere, to an absolutely charming little studio--free from honking traffic, adorable (yet ferocious) barking canines, and shouts of Arabic nonsense. My new flat is quite close to AUC campus and I'll be moving in on the 22nd. I had lots of good vibes when I visited today and couldn't stop smiling. Places that are constantly louder than I am are apparently not my forte. I've decided I get antsy after about 3 months of sameness. Sameness + Craziness/Trapped Feeling = Recipe for Whitney Disaster.

Thankfully I spent 3 hours yesterday at this cute cafe in Maadi with my precious friend, Dina, sharing delectable coffee and caramel ice cream, while painting coffee mugs! They will be ready after 5 days, I can't wait to see our finished works of art. My masterpiece is adorned with an under the sea-mermaid type of thing, in honor of my favorite Almost-Brit known as the lovely Kate Smith.

With the sweetest friends at the Naked Earth event in Maadi!
Also, yesterday was the one month mark of when a certain German boy will be visiting me in Cairo! So much exploring and fun times to look forward to. Beaches in Hurghada, seafood and friends in Alexandria, winding streets of Cairo...*sigh*

P.S. I went to this hilariously amazing belly dancing cabaret a week or so ago. Here are some photos that almost justify this majestic experience.

Possibly the worst belly dancer I have ever seen. However, we all couldn't stop laughing. Such fun! :)

We were the only ones there for the longest time. More drinks for us!

A despicable shisha but the belly dancing made up for it!

Valentine's Day was just around the corner. The little lips were quite cute.

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