Monday, April 16, 2012

Camel Steaks and Jellyfish-Fight Dates

After standing in front of my wardrobe for about 20 minutes or so I have realized that I somehow I have accumulated enough clothes, shoes, accessories, and other things to stock a small boutique. This terrifies me and instead of attempting to sort through what items should be shipped where (and instead of reading or writing massive papers for class) I've decided to take some official down time and bask in the glory that has been this past month.

Sebastian came to visit a few weeks ago and his trip here definitely didn't seem long enough! We were able to go to Alexandria and Hurghada for a few days, as well as tons of sight seeing in Cairo. It was quite the hilarious and fantastic experience, but I'm really looking forward to some less-hectic European travels with him. :)

Here are a few of my favorite shots from this adventure...

Visiting the Citadel in Alexandria. The weather was quite chilly and the view was astounding! We had a small incident here when a group of awful Egyptian boys hassled me mercilessly, but thankfully Seb took care of it. ;)

A day in Al-Azhar Park! Angela, Sebastian, and I trekked up the side of a mountain *squashing plants, sliding in mud, and hoping our champagne bottle wouldn't break* so we could attempt to enter the park. We had a nice picnic and  mystery birthday cake (I wasn't sure if I had made a cake or brownie) in honor of our friend, Kate. 

Seb and I climbed down into the Red Pyramid on our "Pyramid Day" with Liana and Thomas! It took forever to get down into the pyramid and it smelled so badly of 3,000 year lime stone that Seb and I could barely make it out of there fast enough! I couldn't walk properly for two days, it was such a work out!

At the Giza Pyramids with some of my favorite Germans. :) Liana's horse became a little lazy half way through the journey and decided to lay down in the sand. I won't post any of these pictures though. :P

Basti and I posing at the panorama view of the Giza Pyramids! Our tour guide was a little crazy with the picture taking but I am rather fond of this one. Notice how my leg isn't lifted very high up? This is due to the treacherous stairs of the Red Pyramid!

One of my favorite restaurants in Cairo! Dear Thomas introduced me to this Yemeni place and we had to take our visitors to dinner here after a long day of desert goings. I'm not sure what happened to my poor, flattened chicken in the lower left quadrant of the picture. It was super tasty though!

Seb and I visited the Citadel in Cairo! The military propaganda was absolutely hilarious. We especially liked this sign that was marked, "A Germany's Gun." 

We also had a nice falluka ride and sandwich lunch on the Nile River! Our boats name was "The Joker." The weather was perfect that day and we got to walk through Zamalek to explore more of Cairo.

In Hurghada Sebastian was finally able to try a camel steak *and even received a certificate for ordering it*. It was such a nice restaurant and apparently it's one of the best steaks he has ever had. I took a bite of it and couldn't even crunch into it a second time, it was just so strange and extremely gross tasting since I don't eat red meat! I enjoyed my calamari much more...even though it gave us food poisoning later. Eeeek!

These cute little guy kept us company at our beach resort in Hurghada.  I enjoyed watching him build his nest in the umbrella just over our heads.
There were jelly fish all over the beach! These one's didn't sting though, so naturally Sebastian and I had a little jelly fish fight. He was rather good at using the small ones as skipping stones in the sea. They were immensely fun to play with!

Starfish are my favorite animals--so strong and unique. I'm glad Seb was able to hold one for the first time while he was in Hurghada! 

Enjoying the cool sunset on the beach...

Sunsets by the sea are some of the best! Obviously this trip was just not long enough. :)

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