Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Last Bretzel

Why are so many airports charging for internet these days?
Instead of Facebooking, online lusting, or stealing these killer black and peach heels off the woman beside of me I just decided to get one last “bretzel und apfelshorle” to help me prepare for my next flight from Frankfurt and provide brain juice for a rather lazy blog post.

It was incredibly difficult to leave Germany today, for several reasons I am sure you can imagine. It’s strange to be going home after almost one year away from it. I never attended those absurdly useless international student meetings regarding “reverse culture shock” but I have a feeling that it will be wonderfully strange being back in America after living in a third world country for so long (and after joyously gallivanting through Deutschland drinking radlers, watching Seb play American football AND winning a big game, watching copious amounts of European football AND watching Germany win, seeing the most unforgettable sites in Germany *Neuschwanstein Schloss and the Alps, the enchanting Bodensee that’s surrounded by Germany, Switzerland and Austria, as well as the lovely UNESCO World Heritage Site—Regensberg*).

Also, I should mention that packing proved to be as terrible as always. If I could somehow manage to continuously hire someone to properly pack all of my bags I would be the happiest girl in the world. Egypt Airlines is completely ridiculous and is not capable of properly measuring luggage weight (technically I shouldn’t complain about this but I had to leave about 12 pounds worth of items with Sebastian since it wouldn’t all fit in my bags! I owe a certain German man lots of gifts from America). So around 1:30 a.m., right when eye twitching delirium was beginning to kick in, I discovered that all of my things would not fit…which caused me to have a slight panic attack, so I just decided to go to bed and crammed everything in when I woke up—this proved to be a very good idea. No extra charges for overweight baggage at the airport—Lucky, lucky me!

So here I am: one and a half massive and very suspicious looking carry ons, a Vogue magazine given to me by a sweet lady who finished flipping through the last good bits, lack of mascara from airport crying (which I loathe entirely but sometimes it can’t be helped in such circumstances), kasebretzel that tastes like salted cardboard, disastrous hair askew, and the beautiful feeling of building anticipation.

Tennessee, be home soon! 
Germany, I'll be seeing you. 

I love this song by Billie Holiday! Quite appropriate. Don't you think? :)

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