Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fridays Letters

Today has been seriously unproductive, which I really don't object since I haven't slept much at all this week. I've been working constantly on papers, and doing ridiculous amounts of reading (I've found I can't stop reading for my International Humanitarian Law: Law of War class, it's so interesting), and am really too excited for Germany that I can't even think about sleeping!

Also, there is a huge concert on AUC's campus at the moment--Amr Diab is playing from 8 until midnight it seems, although music has been blasting since 6:30 p.m. If there is one thing Egyptians know how to do, it's to throw a huge and wonderful party! Unfortunately I couldn't buy tickets today so I'm at home after a nice lunch with an extremely delightful Egyptian friend, who talked with me for a few hours on politics and religion in the U.S. and Egypt (this post won't be about that conversation). She asked me to write some letters to her from Germany and Tennessee, which of course I agreed to because I LOVE writing letters. Speaking of writing letters...

Dear Angela, I must confess that I still don't regret laughing until I cried when you broke your countertop. I also confess that Murph escaped during Thanksgiving when you and Kate went to get more food items, but Thomas had his hands stuck in the I had to chase the Prince down the street by your house (in high heels, cursing him all the way) and was terrified he would get hit by a car. Thankfully, I saved him...and Thomas saved Thanksgiving! :)

The Prince himself!

Dear fantastic shisha, I am really obsessed with you but...must...stop! My lungs are going to hate me for it. I regret to inform you that I must break off our relationship this summer, and maybe while I'm in Germany--even though I bought one of your kin for my German boy to use...curses.

Dear self control, you must learn how to say no to shisha.

Dear Egyptian jewelry collection, you are getting quite ridiculous. I must stop buying your trinkets for my "friends" and then keeping them for myself.

Dear Lufthansa Airlines, *I am making this a public decree* if you don't cooperate with me in precisely ten days I might have to do something rather drastic, because I guarantee you that all of my belongings cannot fit into two suitcases and one puny carry on. Thank you in advance.

Dear delicious (and questionable) mint tea that I bought in a sketchy street store, you taste like summer rain and candy, but I'm pretty sure you're tarnished with some sort of drug. Khalas, habibi.

I feel as if I resemble the Mad Hatter in this photo. Perhaps it's the massive, unruly mane on my head? 

Dear Cairo, you and I have come a long way, and I confess that the thought of leaving you in eleven days really does pull at my heart strings. Last night I went to Zamalek to meet my law professor for our independent study class, and after the session I just meandered around by myself...smelling the most amazing flowers *an older gentleman give me one sunflower, for free* and  delicious food, stopping to pet the cutest dogs that belonged to a sweet Egyptian couple, and ran into a really amazing shop with an accountant who was dying to go to Chicago and asked me a million questions about the states. I had the best time just getting to know you again--without being hassled even once. Then on my way home, the traffic was great, your views were beautiful and I was yet again bewitched by your moon.

Dear Germany, I've become slightly infatuated with you (and your fantastic knudel, pretzels, apfelshorle, spatzle, schloss-sites, cute little breweries, wonderful people, public transportation--oh, and the fact that my boyfriend lives in one of your southern abodes is a plus)! Also, the thought of studying and interning in Berlin for one whole year makes my little heart skip a beat, or two. I just can't wait to visit you and go on crazy excursions once more! In fact, I have already made a Whitney & Sebastian To-Do List but obviously I can't say what's on that list because it's a surprise. *Muuuahahahaahha!*

Dear Tennessee friends and family, I can't wait to see you all in just one month! Chaos will ensue, I promise you.


  1. Cannot wait to see you!!! :) you MUST call me ASAP when you get here!

  2. RAHHHHHH! I am so excited to see you too. I will definitely let you know, and then can't wait to meet up in Knoxville. Ashley is all for it as well. Tacos and margaritas? :)
    Love you!

  3. Please do something about your hair, Trollie. I shall have the detangler ready when you get home! Plus, I can definitely help you will the issue of Egyptian jewelry that will probably be aaaaaall askew in your suitcases :)