Wednesday, May 2, 2012

When In Doubt...

(there is nothing better to do than online shoe lusting!)

I'm currently in my desert abode, mentally sending unfathomable doubt and vast amounts of abominations regarding  the PPAD department out into the universe, munching on disgustingly massive numbers of dates, and trying to decide what to write my cursed thesis on *as I type furiously all the hated words of a methodology that I really don't want to do*...

BUT as I took a slight sneaky, peek at Betsey Johnson's new spring jewelry, I found myself in big trouble! My birthday was yesterday, after all, and I have yet to buy myself a birthday gift you see.

Here's a few of the things I may have to invest in as soon as I get back to the states in about *sigh* 6 weeks!

I am dying to try Vera's new scent "Princess Night". I used to wear Princess until I converted to Viva La Juicy just a few years ago. I feel a change in the wind! :)

I tragically gave my clutch to a homeless person last week and my most favorite MAC lipstick just happened to be in the bottom of my bag. :( Make Up Forever has amazing shades and it stays ALL DAY--this Satin Vermillion Red is definitely their prettiest color. 

I've been looking for a new passport cover for the longest time! These are so cute and full of wanderlust *not to mention my favorite character of fiction, Alice!* TinderandBloom makes these sweet treasures on ETSY. 

Jessica Simpson never disappoints me! According to her website,  she just gave birth to her first baby girl named Maxwell!  I'm not such a huge fan of the name,  just the shoes. :)

I have been dreaming about this vintage gypsy dress for the past 4 months at least! The crazy girl keeps moving the prices up and down. I may have to use my bartering skills in the very near future...
Isn't this little purse adorable?! I managed to get my hands on an amazingly cheap vintage Mary Frances violin purse last summer in Knoxville.  It was brand new but the silly, young girl who had it just didn't like it--I've had loads of wonderful compliments so far, thanks Maria for helping me pick it out!

I'd say that's enough daydreaming for now.
Must get back to work! 

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