Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Ich bin ein Berliner!"

Folks, I am now a bonafide Berliner!

Well, almost.

There's this whole not-fluent-in-German situation that's getting in the way of things. Oh, and I still can't quite figure out the transportation system with all of the S-Bahns, U-Bahns, and Deutsch Bahns scattered around! However, I did wander about today by myself and re-discovered my awesome school (only because my friend, Thomas, had helped me find it the day before), as well as some other really wonderful shops, nooks, and crannies. 

An H&M is right across the street. That's all I'm going to say about that. Now, moving on! 

Thomas also took me to AlexanderPlatz yesterday, this huge concrete "socialist" jungle in the midst of Berlin that's full of all sorts of banks, shopping, and food chains. Apparently there are also loads of festivals that are set up in this area with overpriced meals and beverages for the unlucky tourist. I did find this rather famous world clock intriguing!

Can you spot the Tennessee time zone? :)

We also meandered a bit more and Thomas taught me a bit of Berlin's [religious] history as well--you can imagine I was extremely enticed by this bit. The French constructed this stunning building to show their appreciation for Berlin after the city welcomed the French Protestants inside of the city walls to save them from fierce prosecution (and religious persecution). This square was really quite old and there were several nice looking, and smelling, restaurants I made note of.

I fell in love with this ferocious lion and the playful, teasing little cherub that floated along his back. What a nice pair they make!

I've also been fortunate enough to taste an an almost-holy delicacy that's only moments from my doorstep. The name of this heavenly eco-friendly and all organic ice cream shoppe is called "Naschkatze," which is a term of endearment that's normally used for little children who like sweet things entirely too much. I have decided that I am indeed a naschkatze, especially when my lion-hair is completely out of control. 

I had coffee ice cream and one other flavor that couldn't quite be translated properly. Nevertheless, it was still delicious. Not all wonderful things have to have a name. 

On another note, I am so satisfied and happy with where I live! My little room is so quaint and QUIET (which was the most important factor for finding a room). I love the view that I see when I look outside my window! I've kept the windows open almost all of time time because the breeze blows in just perfectly.

*Note to self: Purchase a lovely plant to place onto the windowsill. Also, remember to water said plant.*

In my excitement I forgot to pack proper shoes for Berlin. Yes, in my excitement I packed ONLY heels for Berlin (and one pair of flip flops). This was not done on purpose! I had to do a major search at H&M today for a pair of black flats. After purchasing them I feel like they may be a little too small! This is very problematic due to the fact I am very uncoordinated and can barely walk on cobblestones in flats, let alone heels. *Smacks hand to forehead*

At least my closet is practically the size of a secret garden. I've been thanking my lucky stars for the past two days.
So, I am finally getting accustomed to my new home and am also very happy with my two awesome roommates. Although I really have to focus on my thesis writing before school at Hertie starts in the second week of September--which is really, horribly, quite soon--it's hard to focus when I get to see my German boy in only two weeks! Yes, I'm obviously counting down the days. Unfortunately, I've left my other favorite fellow in Tennessee. 

My handsome Kacey boy. I just finished his morning brushing session. Look at his smile!

I think he's buried a bit of my heart somewhere in the woods behind my house, because he knows I'll have to come back and play tug of war for it. 

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