Monday, August 20, 2012

Tell The Truth

Tell the truth. Tell the truth. Tell the truth.
*Except when you've eaten the last of your sister's favorite candy.*

I could never understand why some people are compulsive liars. When they say one thing, then three days later the story changes drastically so confusion ensues and trust is possibly broken. Words may lie, but actions will always speak the truth. I appreciate honesty and integrity over anything else. I remember EVERYTHING that seems important to me. Exact dates, times, smells, clothes that were worn, facial expressions. I remember my excitement when I discovered Betsey Johnson, the day I was old enough and brave enough to wear red lipstick, my first day at the University of Tennessee and how I moved into the dorms with a gigantic May Pole and way too many pink decorations, when I met my little pup Kacey for the first time, my Mom's face when my sister and I were saved at church, the night I met "my cousin" Elliott N. DeVore, when I did my first backhandspring without crumpling into a sweaty mass, exactly when I fell in love with a certain Germany boy...

This may seem like a very lucky trait, which may explain my bizarre and very effective study habits (not including guzzling gallons of coffee, mangos, and blue shark gummies) during my undergraduate academic career, but truthfully it's almost a curse. I often overanalyze and sometimes stress over things that are out of my control, but try to remain as calm and collected as possible so not to worry anyone else--which I find very important, because I want to look after my loved ones instead of focusing on the miniscule. 

Honesty is most-always the best policy. Right? Tell the truth or face the consequences. Especially when shoe shopping or making important decisions regarding love and all of its complicated forms in general. For example, it's hard to love thy neighbor when he blares Bohemian Rhapsody at 10:00 a.m. but unless you tell him it bothers you, nothing will change. Also, I suppose it's easy to make up "little white lies" every once in awhile, and sometimes it's almost necessary. Especially when you have visitors in Cairo and must tell your bowab (Egyptian doorman) and landlord that your "German fiance" and "completely straight brother from Poland" is visiting for a few weeks. 
Thankfully this does not occur to our human noses every time a little white lie is told!

I've had a lot of friends and family ask me, "Are you happy in Berlin?

Do you want the truth?
I say, "YES. YES. YES."

I love Germany. 
I adore everything about this country and this city. 

While I'm being truthful I suppose I should admit...
1. I have still not completed my thesis proposal and must turn it in on Wednesday morning!
2. I really don't like honeydew melon. It tastes like old lady perfume and stale water.
3. I am OBSESSED with chai tea and the Weisensee swimming area so close to my flat.
4. The thought of returning to Cairo makes me want to hide in the Black Forest. 
5. Halloween is coming, and I've been planning my costume and actually have a Halloween 2012 folder on my desktop. 
6. Berlin has disappointed me just once. SEPHORA is now where to be found in the marvelous city!
7. I could probably eat kasespatzle every day. *Thank goodness Sebastian knows me so well, and has already planned a kasespatzle dinner for my arrival in Bamberg! I'm such a lucky girl.*
It's so delicious and addicting! :)

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