Monday, December 17, 2012

"There's a terrorist in our hostel..."

Charming, enchanting, and absolutely more enticing than I expected.

My German boy and I spent about three days in this captivating city, and unfortunately I quickly fell in love with it. Sure, we had a few mishaps but that's what makes life exciting, right? For instance, the Budapest airport caught on fire before we landed so we had to reroute to Bratislava, Slovakia. This turned out to be quite problematic, as the Slovakian airport was overcrowded and no one really knew what was going on. After commandeering a crowd of airport security "professionals" in the only way a feisty, loud American woman knows how, I quickly decided that my travel partner and I would have to take drastic measures into our own hands.

After waiting for an hour or so out in the cold, we crept into a jubilant herd of British folk that was waiting in line for a bus to take them to Budapest, even though we were supposed to be waiting for our own bus that would come hours later.
 I asked my German boy how his British accent was and he said, "Nonexistent."
Curses, my plans were foiled!
After accidentally bashing about six people with my gigantic carry on bag, before the bus manager could check our tickets, I managed to force my way onto the bus with Sebastian tearing in behind me.
*Angels sang and mental happy dancing commenced*
We made it!

It was much colder than I expected, but that didn't stop us from sightseeing or mountain trekking!
 After arriving in Budapest, I thought for a moment I was back in Egypt! The decaying buildings on the outskirts of the city, and the ancient metro cars, did nothing for my travel-appetite. However, once we stepped out from the caves of the metro station and out into the city, I was smitten! Our hostel, the Maverick Hostel, was only right around the corner and we luckily found ourselves in the middle of Budapest. *I really shouldn't say "luckily" since Sebastian is literally a walking GPS device. Fortunately, I am usually able to navigate with a map but normally rely on his skills for gallivanting- purposes.*

The view on our climb to the Citadel. Budapest is really so beautiful and the buildings are mesmerizing, regardless of their dingy tint due to years of neglect.
After a filling and over priced Hungarian dinner of Chicken Paprikash and Noodles, we made our way back to our hostel (which actually used to be a royal mansion that was built by the Habsburg dynasty) where we planned the rest of our adventures.

I love food and wish I had at least three stomachs. My German boy and I found this little Hungarian restaurant late in the evening on our first night in Budapest.
 More tales to come, stay tuned! :)
I promise this statue isn't headless, although it certainly looks that way!

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