Saturday, November 19, 2011

1st Day of AUC Orientation!

Dear Family and Friends:

I am currently on the bus to AUC—which is not marked that it is actually an AUC bus! Barely made it…the great/creepy taxi driver was kind enough to let me call his English-speaking friend so I could help him navigate to the bus stop. “Hennah, hennah, hennah!!!” “Stop, stop, stop!!!” I told him once I saw a herd of studentesque people standing around a sign next to an intersection. I called out to an Egyptian girl, luckily she spoke English and confirmed my suspicions, and I barreled out of the taxi just in time as the student bus smashed it’s way through oncoming traffic.

So here I am. All around me I hear chatter about orientation, government happenings, Mori sushi, and what new mascara Dior is coming out with (this is the most exciting news thus far).

My coffee and peach yogurt are not settling well, along with the other food that I have been trying to eat for the past three days, due to nervousness/a certain someone-sickness and lack of sleep.


I was very blessed last night and received quite the miraculous gift! It turns out that I have discovered the perfect roommate in Egypt. Melissa, who I thought was actually French, is a wonderful red haired Canadian who has a fondness for saving little furry animals (we now have a precious, meddling kitten meandering about our flat) and enjoys late night adventures to the grocery store. I’ll have to talk more about the grocery store later.

Finding a flat mate has been such a relief—even though I did not want one at first. The flat that I am staying in for the time being is quite charming. The kitchen is pink and green with bits of red splashed around it (not my personal choice but I do love a nice shade of pink—as long as it doesn’t resemble Pepto Bismol, which fortunately this one doesn’t). There is also a little balcony that overlooks the outskirts of Maadi. Melissa has decorated it with some small plants and was able to find a barbq for cooking whatever our hearts desire! My ol’ heart could really use some German barbq right now…the kind that Seb prepares that is covered in six tons of garlic and a field of onions—yum, yum, yum!

One of my favorite parts of the flat is the icy air conditioner. If I could have a relationship with an air conditioner, I would. This little fella’ kept me company all night and he didn’t hog the blankets!

Well, we are just arriving at AUC. Eeeeeeeeek!

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