Saturday, November 19, 2011

YES--I am still going to Cairo.

YES. For goodness sake…YES. I watch the news. YES—I realize that Egypt is still not considered the most stable of countries right now. YES, I know that the nation just went through a revolution. YES! I understand that there is a curfew and that elections are just around the corner. YES…I know that some Egyptians do not always treat women with the respect that is supposed to regularly be found in the Western world (although women do not always get the respect that they deserve, even in the U.S.).

And YES—I am STILL going to Egypt.

Each person only has one life to live (unless you believe in reincarnation but that’s a whole different story) so why not say YES and try something new? People are so afraid to say YES. I hate it when I ask someone to do something or try something new and they say no or maybe. This world is so big for a reason—so humanity can share their cultures with one another and not live in fear. So choose YES and go somewhere new, read about a religion you know nothing of, and make friends with those who are from different areas of the world.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don't make me start a revolution in Knoxville! I would appreciate congratulations first then one can scrutinize me and share your concerns about why I should be careful or cautious in Cairo. Asking me not to go or telling me why I shouldn’t go should not be on one’s to-do list.

I have been obsessively planning to go back to Egypt ever since returning from Uganda in August. I am extremely appreciative of every single friend, family member, professor, and flabbergasted Panera Bread customer who sat down and looked over my application materials. I have poured over journals, books and magazines, news broadcastings and radio shows just to learn as much as I can about Egypt’s recent past and present. Better yet, I have continuously been in touch with friends and professors in Cairo about the revolution and I know that Egypt is changing slowly for the better. Please don’t assume that I am an ignorant, young American woman or that all Egyptians are anti-American, governmentless, radical Muslims (YES, there are Christians in Cairo!!!) and so forth.

Thanks to God. Yes, I am still going to Egypt.
Enshallah. :)

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