Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Once You See an African Sunset You'll Always Find Your Way Back."

Over the past weeks in Uganda I have accumulated quite a few photos (and have unfortunately left my camera cord in the states so I won’t be able to put more images up until August)! Here are some of the best so far, I hope you enjoy seeing these places and people as much as I have. 
My home in Pece, Gulu. We recently shared this compound with a Sudanese family.
Our lovely front yard. I truly love our neighbors that live in the hut!
My bedroom when I shared it with my fabulous roommate, Rachel. Now the far left screen is broken out of the window due to Acholi children attempting to steal iPods!
Chamise--evil Sudanese baby that cried all the time. I certainly do not miss her. Rachel, this is for you!
Gulu Buspark. Full of matatu's (buses) and men that love to heckle anyone who walks by!
Bishop Ochola's grandaughter, Samantha. This little girl is an angel!
Bahai Temple
The AMAZING Baha'i Temple in Kampala! I was so excited to see this and we got there just one hour before closing.
Rachel, Erin, and I at the Baha'i Temple during our Kampala weekend trip.
LaCho, Gulu. I've never seen a sky so big.
Children in LaCho as my friend Jayanni and I were purchasing soda's for 700 shillings a bottle.
You'll find these winding dirt roads everywhere! I'll miss them once I'm home.

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