Saturday, November 19, 2011

Egypt Bound!

Hallelujah! I leave for the airport in almost one hour! I have had hardly any sleep this past week due to my five-year old excitement (and because the bus ride to Kampala was so bumpy—my tailbone was lost in a pothole some where).

I arrived at the Entebbe Backpacker’s Hostel at 6:00 a.m. and promptly “passshed out” on the closest thing that I could find, which was a conveniently located bunk bed. After bashing my cranium on the wall from delirium I managed to snooze for a few hours and woke up to a nice breakfast of French toast, honey and bananas, and spiced African tea! I could live off of spiced African tea alone…and pineapple…and brownies…Okay, I lied.

Please note that one of the Uganda women claimed that I looked like a lion because of my hungry face and big “furry” hair. Fabulous.

I am currently splayed across a couch with a huge duffel bag filled full of Acholi purses and necklaces that I’ll be using for a little fundraising project, a monstrous suitcase containing whatever I grabbed and threw in, my purse the size of the Indian Ocean (compete with sand and dust from Gulu), and a nice backpack for Egypt, of course.

Hopefully my packing skills will prove successful once I reach Cairo. I’m slightly nervous about what is considered appropriate wear there and what will feel comfortable in 100+ degree weather. If all else fails my back up plan is to go shopping for a few things. Dresses, scarves, jewelry, skirts, sandals…perhaps.

I’m spending the first few days in Cairo then heading to Alexandria! After adventuring there I’ll be heading to the Red Sea and to Sharm el Sheikh. I am hoping that I will have time to go back to Cairo and spend more time there. Thankfully I’ve been put in contact with a few nice fellows that have been more than helpful thus far.

Quite frankly I’m afraid that I’m going to fall in love with Egypt—it’s music, language, food, dancing, and all of the people that I meet there. This could prove to be a real problem, as it was hard enough saying goodbye to everyone in Gulu and at the ARLPI office (this I will have to blog about later).

With that being said…dear Cairo, here I come!

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